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2022 Greater Nashville District Senior OlympicsWelcome


Greater Nashville District

Online Registration System


(Addresses and additional schedule info will be on each sports registration page or visit the Greater Nashville webpage for more information before registering.)

Golf:  Thursday, Sept 29 - 7am Shotgun Pine Creek Golf Course

Bowling:  Monday/Tuesday, September 19 and 20

Pickleball: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday September 12 - 14 (will be capped)

Swimming: Tuesday, September 20

Basketball Skill Events, Basketball 3 on 3:  Thursday, September 22

Table Tennis: Thursday, September 22

Tennis: Thursday/Friday, September 22 and September 23

Badminton: Due to low participation in 2021 we will not be offering badminton in the Greater Nashville district.  It will be open for badminton players at the State Finals and we look forward to your participation.   

Shuffleboard and Cornhole: Friday, September 23

Track and Field:  Saturday, Sept 17 - Brentwood High School


Pickleball:       August 26

Golf: September 16

All other sports: September 2

As we get closer, you will receive e-mails with additional information so please watch your inbox.


Entry fee: $40 (covers up to 10 events) plus additional fees below

Golf: $38 (includes 18 holes and cart) Lunch is optional.  

Track and Field: $5 officials fee

Bowling: $8 per event

Team Sport:  $5 officials fee

$3.00 per event over 10 events.

Age will be calculated as of December 31, 2023.  This is to ensure that athletes are practicing and playing in the age group that they will be placed
in at the summer 2023 state finals.  Athletes must be 50 years old by December 31, 2023 to compete in the 2023 state finals.

Open sports that do not require district qualification include
archery, cornhole, cycling (5K and 20K), disc golf, the 5K and 10K
road races, 5K Walk, racquetball, triple jump, pole vault, and the
powerwalk. Sports not offered at your home district are also
considered open. This list is subject to change by our board of
directors. Notification of changes will be via e-mail

Doubles partners who qualify together for the state finals should plan to play together. However, if one of the partners cannot attend, another qualified athlete in the same sport may be chosen prior to registering for the state games. Doubles players who participated in ONE event at the district (i.e. singles, mixed, or doubles) within any doubles sport may register for all three events.  EXCEPTION:  Tennis allows two events maximum.

SPECIALTY QUALIFYING RULES To combat fatigue and injuries that might occur during our one-day district events, note the following rules:

Track. For every district running event completed, an additional running event may be entered at state (any distance may be chosen).

Swimming. For every district swimming event completed within a stroke, an additional event within that stroke may be entered at state (any distance may be chosen). Six events total may be chosen.

Helpful tips:

  • This is the 3rd year for our registration system, Fusesport.  Many of you who have registered for Nationals will be familiar with the process.                                  
  • If this is your first time using this registration system, you will be asked to create a password.  Keep this handy as you may go into your record to make changes until your sports respective deadline.
  • PARTNER SPORTS:  You will be asked to search the data for your partner.  If not located, please have his or her e-mail address handy as you will be able to send your partner an invite to register.                                                                              

We do not assign you a partner.  Need a partner?  Please visit http://www.tnseniorolympics.com/team-finder

  •  3 on 3 BASKETBALL:   Captains will need to create a team and code first in the system.  Please check with your captain for the code needed to join the team.  We do not assign you to a team.  Need a team?  http://www.tnseniorolympics.com/team-finder

TEAM CAPTAINS:  You may invite your players to register by logging in an e-mail for each one.  Have this address handy if interested.

  • SWIMMING and TRACK AND FIELD:    You will need to record your BEST TIME AND DISTANCE.  This is used for placement in heats and flights if needed.       
  • Visit the Greater Nashville webapge for updated and information as we get closer to each event.  
  •  Questions regarding online registration?  Please contact the TSO at 615-200-8760 and leave a message or email info@tnseniorolympics.com and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours, excluding weekends.